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You have a research project to develop in the Arctic?


We provide your expedition, with a boat-based, cost effective, logistical and technical solution
Services & Offers


  • Development of solutions to collect your data fitting your needs

  • Polar expertise during research campaigns

  • Servicing and maintenancing of autonomous equipment

  • Measurement collected by us under your command

  • Overwinter measurement

  • Pre-data processing


An experimented team
Nolwenn Chauche an expert in oceanography and glaciology in West Greenland.
Expert in Oceanography and Glaciology


Nolwenn has lead multiple scientific expeditions, in Greenland, over the last 10 years including an over-winter. His technical skills and polar sailing experience make him an invaluable asset to support or manage any scientific expedition in the Polar regions. Download the CV >>

Pauline Chauché is a Environnemental consultant in sustainable development. She joined a scientific expedition in West Greenland collecting oceanographic and glaciological measurement during an overwinter
Consultant in Environmental Strategy


Pauline manages and implements contractual mission on an every day basis. Her passion and energy for science and environmental questions make her a great partners to successfully achieve your project. Download the CV >>

The team expertise
Nolwenn is collecting data in Greenland during the winter for researchers using multiple instuments : CTD, ADCP, GPS
Nolwenn is maintenancing the equipment during a winter in the Arctic using his technical skills


  • Oceanography (ADCP, CTD, Multibeam sonar)

  • Glaciology (Time-lapse, GPS,  UAV, 3D reconstruction)

  • Climatology (Weather station)

  • Agronomy; Biology; Sustainable development

  • Energy management

Technical skills


  • Computing (Matlab, C++, Arduino)

  • Electrical; Electronics

  • Welding; Fiber-glass; Wood work

  • Mechanics (diesel, petrol, generators)

Nolwenn is driving a hovercraft through the frozen fjord during the winter to go maintenancing the scientific equipement


  • Professional skipper

  • Snow mobile driver

  • Hovercraft pilot

They trusted us
Ocean Melt Glacier

Ocean Melt Glacier

Surveying the unknown bathymetry of Greenland's fjords to better understand the ocean impact on glaciers

CREAT project

CREAT project

Research of tomorrow's nutriment rich food via the analysis of algae, plankton, lichens...

Oceanographic survey

Oceanographic survey

Oceanographic survey of a glaciated fjord in West Greenland during the summer 2015

The long night survey

The long night survey

Research campaign to evaluate the impact of the ocean on the outlet glaciers of West Greenland during summer and winter months.

Operation iceberg

Operation iceberg

Participation to documentary program Operation iceberg: Birth of a 'berg.

Submarine archelogy

Submarine archelogy

Bathymetry survey in Jersey (UK) to demonstrate a novel theory regarding mammoth hunters during stone age period

Iceberg melting

Iceberg melting

Repeated 3D scanning of submerged and emerged parts of icebergs to determine the impact of the ocean and atmosphere on their melting

Geological study

Geological study

Bathymetry survey in Wales (UK) to evaluate geological structure of seabed

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