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Pauline and Nolwenn the heart of Access Arctic

History of the company

Nolwenn Chauché de Gesnais lived on the ocean since the age of 12. His passions for the sciences and polar regions guided him through a PhD in oceanography and glaciology on greenlandic glaciers. To collect the data that it later analysed, he organised and lead a scientific expedition lasting more than 15 months including an overwinter. His base camp during the winter was a sailing boat intentionnally frozen in the fast ice.


Pauline Chauché de Gesnais is passionnated by the environment and its challenges. She followed a agronomia and envirnmental school. She thus worked with many company as a consultant to improve their sustainable development strategy.


They both joined in Greenland during 6 months. They thus tried to learn and practice traditional greenlandic knowledge. They also made documentaries of the scientific research they conducted. These documentaries were used as the starting point to vulgarised talk both in Greenland and France to a wide audience. To give access to the understanding of physical process impacting the greenland ice-cap they developped simple workshop for a young (10-15) public.


Pauline et Nolwenn, young dynamics and passionates wanted to give access to the arctic regions and their challenges to the largest number of people both individuals and professionals.


This is how Access Arctic was created

Mission of the company

Give access to the environmental knowledge of the polar region and particularly of the Arctic

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