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The team

Nolwenn Chauché de Gesnais

Associate Director

Scientific and Technical coordinator

Pauline Chauché de Gesnais

Associate Director

His story Since the age of 11, Nolwenn start sailing with his parents for a "round the world" journey to go out and meet other people. This 7 years journey will take him to Cap Verde, Senegal, Bissau Ginea, French Guyana, Brazil and many other country. This voyage, far from satisfying his curiosity, has only increased it.

Once 18, he went as a crew member on a crusing sailing boat in Antarctica. Soon after, his professionnal skipper training finished he participated to few scientific expedition in Greenland.

With a MSc in Climatology he organised and lead a scientific expedtion in Uummannaq bay (West Greenland) which will last 15 months. This data collected during this expedition will be analysed during a PhD in Oceanography and Glaciology that he finished in 2014. Sailing in the fjord in the summer, frozen in the ice during the winter, Nolwenn listen, measure, analyse the ocean and the glacier Qarajaq (Store) to better figure out all its secret.

During his free time, he trained a team of dog sledge and went fishing on the ice. His memory keep reminding him this experience that he want to share. Once his PhD finish, he takes you to his beloved polar region onboard Ivilia and share with you his passion of the men who live their as well as of the breath taking environment.

With his experience of the polar region, his knowledge of the local people as well as the secret kept behind the blanket of the ocean and glaciers he will help you discover the Arctic differently. Nolwenn, has plenty of small and simple experiences to help you feel the ongoing phenomena occuring under your eyes.


His experiences 

  • Sailing expertises

    • skipper of polar sailing vessel Ivilia during 4 years in Greenland organising Scientific mission and running touristic cruise in all 4-seasons.

    • skipper of the research sailing vessel Gambo during 5 years. He lead 3 expeditions to Greenland, including an overwinter with the boat frozen intentionally in the sea-ice

    • crew on the sailing charter boatVaïhéré during 6 months in Patagonia and Antarctica

    • First mate and then skipper of Ivilia, while he lived 7 years on board this sailing boat during the familial journey

    • professional trained Skipper (Capitaine 200 Voile - STCW95)

  • Scientific expertises

    • PhD in oceanography and glaciology on the interaction of the ocean with the outlet glacier in Greenland, Aberystwyth university (UK)

    • Scientific coordinator on the field during a 15 months field campaign in oceanography, climatology and glaciology in Greenland on board the sailing boat Gambo

    • MSc Interaction Climat and Environment, Versailles Saint Quentin university (FR)



Her story Agricultor's daugther, Pauline grew up close to the nature inbetween field and walk in the forest. But a question keep growing in her: What life style and society can sustainably make us happy? This question will lead her to other question on our alimentation - she become an agronomia engineer -, our energy comsumption - through a MSc in economical science of energy - but also the other society. She visited prisons, raised awareness on the insertion of handicapped people, lived in Chile, in USA, visited many other country where she went to meet the people to better understant their society.

Starting her active life, she adviced companies in their ecological transition. Her curiosity brough her to Greenland where she lived 6 months helping with a scientific expedition studying the local environmental challenges.  Since, she wants to share with everyone the uniqueness of this northern places where the nature impose its own rules and where earth population, although not numerous in Greenland, generate important changes.

Thus, she will help you discover with wonders the particularities of greenlandic settlements as well as the social and environmental challenges that faces this people on an every day basis.








Her experiences 

  • Project management and Methodological analysis expertises

    • 4 years Environmental strategy consultant, she implemented consultant missions for public and private sectors on topics as varied as: technological innovation, biodiversity, pollution, and using various skills as d'un market potential evaluation, innovations and technology identification, interviews and studies, definition of the requirement specificaiton, action plans...

    • 1 year Strategy and organisation consultant, she implemented missions animating groups

    • engineer diploma

  • Experiences in research scientifics expeditions

    • Field assistant during 6 mois during a scientific expedition in oceanography and glaciology (West Greenland)

    • MSc in Sustainable development economy, of the Energie and the Environment


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