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Travel professionals : let's develop joint tours!

We are reliable, flexible professionals with experience, at your service

Guides: organize sport stays in Greenland for your customers

Original, authentic, full of adventure and guaranteed safety
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  • Surprise your clients by offering them a unique experience in the Arctic

  • Our experience together with the security and comfort of our sailing ship offers your customers a guarantee for a safe experience

  • We take care of provisions and the comfort of your clients; your only job is to organize their programs

  • We’ll work together on creating a personalized trip for your customers


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Travel Agencies: offer our trips to your customers

Expand your offers by small group trips to the Arctic with a professional scientific team 
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What type of trips could we organize together?
  • Cruises with fixed programs based on your customers’ taste

  • Personalized cruises: If you have a special request, feel free to contact us!  We will find a way to accommodate your customers’ requests.

  • Scientific cruises: Educational trips for young scientists who will have the opportunity to join our team during our scientific missions.


What makes our trips different?
  • 10 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of Greenland

  • Excellent scientific background with a PhD in Oceanography and Glaciology of Greenland and MSc in Climatology, Sustainable development and Energy on board!

  • A personalized educational experience through simple and fun experiments to share up-to-date scientific knowledge

  • Passionate guide


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